Hi! Welcome to Chef Knife!

'A' and 'D' - move knife left and right
'Up' and 'Down' - rotate knife
'R'  - reset knife position
'Space' - cut

Made for Weekly Game Jam 122 - One Action.
Code and Art by Peter Vasilyev.


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Haha! I was terrible at this - great game. I'd like the controls to be all wasd or directional buttons though. and the knife rotates globally versus from it's local center. I'd rather have it always twist from the center of the knife. But it's a great frustration game!

I love the animations when the foods fall apart- they're super rewarding.

Thank you for great feedback!

I tried going for just wasd at first, but that turned out to be completely unplayable, at least for me. Having separate hands do separate jobs made things much more manageable.